Year: 2014

Lorenzo’s oil (The books of Heart)

“What would you know about that? Are you an expert or a scientist?” “No, I am just a father” This is the history of a father who wants his son to live. A kind of will Augusto Odone left because he wanted others to be informed, not to feel alone like him

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The books of Heart for CMTers

Within this space, I want to share with you the emotions and the teachings, the tears and the fun, I have experienced by reading some “special books”. Books which talk about challenges, pain, courage and so much love for others and for life.  Thoughts written by ordinary people, touched by

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Pumpkin benefits (A recipe every week)

In this cold autumn, we choose pumpkin as the subject of our first recipe. Rich in water and low in sugar, this vegetable is the perfect food for everybody wants to (or must) have a balanced diet. For this reason, and many others we are going to explain in this article, we think this vegetable

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alimentazione CMT2A

A recipe for CMTers every week

Following the rules of a correct nutrition is an important issue for everybody, but in particular for people suffering from a disease who makes them no longer able to properly move. In this case, the less they move, the less energy from food they need. Obesity is a constant risk they have to face,

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