A recipe for CMTers every week


Following the rules of a correct nutrition is an important issue for everybody, but in particular for people suffering from a disease who makes them no longer able to properly move. In this case, the less they move, the less energy from food they need. Obesity is a constant risk they have to face, in particular if they are forced to stay on a wheelchair.

For people with reduced mobility, experts recommend the consumption of:

  • carbs like bread, pasta, rice, legumes and integral products instead of candies, sweets, sugar and snacks;
  • fruit and vegetable in the amount of at least five portions a day to increase fibers intake;
  • extra virgin olive oil, nuts, hazelnuts, avocado (good fat) trying to limit as much as possible the assumption of what is called “unsaturated fat” (butter, meat and cheese for instance);
  • fish of small dimensions which contains Omega 3 like sardines, anchovies and mackerels; or farmed fishes like trout, bream or bass instead;
  • proteins in general, which are very important for the cure of CMT2A, being aware of using nutritional supplements in the correct way.

Complying with this advices, we have decided to edit a weekly column called “A recipe every week” to make our diet more colored and funnier (and lighter and faster our race to the cure).

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