ANAESTHESIA: useful information for patients suffering from CMT and other neuromuscular diseases (part 1)


Local and general anaesthesia may imply some risks for patients suffering from CMT or other neuromuscular diseases since their neurological response might be abnormal compared to that of other patients.

Some common problems dealing with neuropathies (as respiratory problems, paralysis of the vocal chords, diabetes etc) might be present: if they are, doctors should have been told about them immediately, in order to take appropriate precautions. At the same time, doctors  need to know about the difficulties in monitoring due to the extremities’ denervation caused by neuropathy.

Finally, not all the anaesthetic medicines are recommended for this kind of patients, so you should be very careful with the choice.

Every CMT patient need to be aware about these kind of problems because it is very important to inform anesthesiologists about them.

We invite you to refer to recommendations drawn up during the Consensus Conference – Turin 2011 – and published on Minerva Anestesiologica (the Official Journal of the Italian Society of Anesthesiology, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care) by an Italian study group led by two eminent specialists: Prof Tiziana Mongini e Dr Racca.

Racca F., Mongini T., Wolfler A. et al., Recommendations for Anesthesia and Perioperative management of patients with neuromuscular disorders, Minerva Anestesiol. 2013; 79: 419-33

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