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Ballo anch'io Progetto Mitofusina 2
charcot-marie-tooth 2A

Sport is life! When dreams come true…

I longed for dancing since I was a child. I was fascinated by the grace, the beauty and the elegance of the dancers. I thought it was a fantasy that cannot be realized.  I’ve waited 18 years, but now that dancing is no longer a dream I am very happy!  Dancing is a great

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basket in carrozzina

Sport is life! Basket in wheelchair: our boys won the silver medal!

“We can be just like everybody else, even in sports!” (cit. Riccardo e Luigi Tozzi) Sport is life and is for everybody. Competing for something very important relights the flame of your passion and makes you feel really alive. Each of us should find his/her own sport, doing something that

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6th International Charcot-Marie Tooth and Related Neuropathy Consortium (CMTR) Meeting

Sport is life! History of Giusy Barraco, swimming champion with CMT

“Hello everyone..I’m Giusy Barraco, I have CMT type 4A and I’m an Italian swimming Champion. Swimming is my life I have had improvements in both psychological and physical aspects. Thanks to prof. VITA my history of sports and life has been published in the international scientific journal Neuromuscular Disordes. Practice sports and never stop!”

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