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Biomarkers in CMT2A patients

A new research project is underway, supported by our association and carried out by the team of Professor Stefania Corti of the Dino Ferrari Centre/University of Milan (Doctors Rizzo, Abati and Anastasia). The project aims to detect in the blood of patients with CMT2A (or other pathologies due to mutation

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Interview with Professor Comi, Director of the “Dino Ferrari Centre”

🎙️On the occasion of Rare Disease Day, which was celebrated on 29 February (“a day of a leap year, rare as the diseases we are talking about”), Professor Comi, Director of the “Dino Ferrari Centre” gave an interesting interview about rare diseases (likeCMT2A) which is, to us, like a ray of sunshine warming our

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Charcot Marie Tooth association

Welcome CMTA

We are glad to announce that the US association CMTA joined the European CMT Federation as Associate Member. The Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association is the leading patient advocacy organization driving CMT research. Its mission is to develop treatments and a cure for the 3 million people worldwide who live with the disease

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