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Last updates on exoskeleton research from Wandercraft

Being able to (re) walk who is confined to a wheelchair due to trauma or neurodegenerative diseases has become one of the objectives of the medical science. Mitofusin 2 Project is specifically following this field of study, and the innovations resulting from it, not only for the emotional response that

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SOFT EXOSUIT: a next generation soft wearable robots

The SOFT EXOSUIT is a next generation soft wearable robots using innovative textiles developed at the University of Harvard’s Biodesign Laboratory. Designed for people who are not paralyzed (but have difficulties in moving), this device acts in the leg muscles and not in the joints. You know about the exoskeleton already? That is a

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ATLAS lower limb exoskeleton

Many researchers coming from different areas have focused their attention and their studies over recent years on a new generation of exoskeletons: bionic legs that, although do not replace completely the wheelchair, allow their users to assume the standing position again.Succeeding in making to walk again who is forced on

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