CMT2A: recent scientific studies published in Pubmed


We wish to share with you the latest scientific studies on CMT2A we recently found on Pubmed. As usual, we have divided the publications by country, respecting the classification we use on our portal  website  in the section  Resources .

USA  – This study, conducted at the Feinberg School of Medicine of the University of Chicago, illustrates how mitochondria are essential to the functioning of the cell and how are implicated in various diseases, particularly CMT2A.

Lysosomal Regulation of Inter-mitochondrial Contact Fate and Motility in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Type 2.

ENGLAND  – Interesting study on Drosophila, used as a powerful tool to model human neurodegenerative diseases including CMT2A, with folic acid.

Enhancing folic acid metabolism suppresses defects associated with loss of Drosophila mitofusin.

FRANCE (with Sweden) study on mouse model to understand the mechanism that leads to the disease.

In real-time live dynamics of ATP and ROS production in axonal mitochondria show decoupling in mouse models of peripheral neuropathies.

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