Coronavirus useful information: everything you need to know about COVID19


In recent weeks, the COVID19 health emergency which has struck our country has turned our lives upside down. There is so much information we have been subjected to: numbers, statistics, forecasts, but also more or less useful suggestions on how to manage our new everyday life and, above all, advice to avoid or fight this virus such as unfamiliar as scary.

It is important, however, to know how to evaluate and recognize the messages we are subjected to: the web can be an insidious network and so-called fake news can mislead anyone. We share below everything that has been spread on the Internet in recent days and that is to be considered absolutely FALSE:

  • Coronavirus flies 5 meters

FALSE: the news has no scientific base.

  • The virus can be transmitted by mosquito bite. 

FALSE: the Ministry of Health stresses that it is a respiratory disease and spreads with saliva, for example through sneezing or coughing.

  • Antibiotics can be useful

FALSE: the World Health Organization stresses that antibiotics have no effect on this virus.

  • Bleach can replace Amuchina or alcohol in hand disinfection

FALSE: the bleach has no disinfectant properties.

  • Pets are contagious

FALSE: the Italian Red Cross Metropolitan Area Committee of Rome Capital has clarified that there is no scientific evidence in this regard.

  • Vitamin C helps prevent infection by Coronavirus. 

FALSE: vitamins are definitely useful to our body, but unfortunately have no immune action compared to COVID19.

  • Drinking water or hot drinks kills the virus

FALSE: the Ministry of Health points out that the Coronavirus is able to resist and replicate to the body temperature which is about 37 º.

  • An ultraviolet lamp can kill the COVID19

FALSE: UV rays are not used to sterilize hands or other areas of the skin and, in addition, UV radiation can cause severe irritation.

People over 60 and/ or with other previous diseases are at greater risk; Coronavirus2 affects children, in a very small extent and in most cases asymptomatically.

Some useful questions:

How to follow the rules if resources are scarce without having detergents or disinfectants?

On this the clinicians have expressed themselves in a unanimous way indicating that it is sufficient to use water and soap and however always stick to what affirmed from all the authorities on a global level so far about washing frequently hands and also surfaces we use commonly (handles, phone screen, work tops).

Do people “who are vulnerable” have a higher chance of dying?

For young people with significant respiratory complications the risk is greater and comparable to that of older people. There is also concern for patients with heart problems.

If you get sick of COVID19 can the cough machine be useful?

COVID-19 pneumonia is an interstitial pneumonia different from those of bacterial type that produce many secretions. It might help if there is a co-infection with other germs, but the probability is quite remote. However, if you should arrive at an advanced stage of this type it is recommended to go to the hospital rather than learn how to use the cough machine.

Are ventilated people less likely to contract the virus?

Actually, no, because the antibacterial filter is not effective even against viruses that are much smaller microorganisms.

What are the effects on hospitals and visits?

In Italy, the recommendations are to avoid any non-urgent visits, either to avoid overcrowding of hospital facilities, or to avoid moving from home.

Does the vaccine for whooping cough, pneumococcus and flu make any sense?

These vaccines don’t protect against the new coronavirus. It is however recommendable for people susceptible to vaccines against respiratory diseases to avoid the concomitance of other problems

For further information on COVID-19, it is advisable, finally, to refer to official sources such as that of the Ministry of Health or the World Health Organization.

Here, instead, an interesting webinar on COVID-19 and muscular dystrophy by Duchenne & Becker.

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