Following the rhythm of the seasons for our CMT diet


Nature gives us different products every season. Eating what it is offering us, without the need of any artifice, means having a diet that changes from month to month, in harmony with the natural rhythms and needs of our body. In the summer, when the weather is hot, consuming foods rich in water and in mineral salts is healthy for our body which needs to be hydrated, likewise in the winter, when weather is cold, eating foods containing lots of vitamin C is good for our immune system which needs to be strengthened.

Learning to distinguish seasonal food is very important, but today it is increasingly difficult. Supermarket counters are equipped with whatever we want and often we tend to always consume the same foods for reasons of taste and habit. Instead, we must enquire and reflect, because eating seasonal fruit and vegetables brings lots of benefits not only to our body.

Seasonal products are tastier, good for the health and environment.

They are brought to complete maturation following the rhythms of the nature so the best of their properties are guaranteed. Eating a tomato in summer, a one ripened in the sun and not in the artificial light of the greenhouses, is something else entirely… and not just in terms of flavor: it is very rich in micronutrients and costs even less.

In fact, the cost of production in the greenhouse or that of the cold rooms needed to delay their ripening (when they are harvested during their season and then stored) must be added to the entire cost of non-seasonal products. If they, then, come from other countries or regions where the nature and climate are different, transport costs must also be added (transport that also results in damage to the environment!).

Having a healthy and balanced diet is essential for everyone, but especially for those who, like us, suffer from neuromuscular pathologies, such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth, do not forget!

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