Time to be creative with Charcot Marie Tooth

Talk CMT invitation 1

 Get inspired by your CMT experience and create your own quote!

On the Rare Disease Day, we are running the international Talk CMT competition: what we are looking for are original phrases to print on socks.

The competition has been created by European CMT Federation and Socking Clumsy in collaboration with the Instagram Talk-CMT page.  Socking Clumsy is a well-known Lebanese brand, producing socks, which is active in making people aware of CMT, a disease the owner himself is suffering from.  

✓ The contest is open to everyone! Whether you’re living with or alongside CMT, this will be a unique opportunity to share your creativity! Proposals will be published in the digital book ‘Talk CMT’ 8 and could be  produced on socks . The proceeds from the sales will be used for CMT campaigns.

✓The  winning phrases  will be shared on our social media and each of the top three winners  will receive original and fun socks.

ECMTF and Talk CMT organization judges will select 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes based on impact, theme alignment and creativity.  The judges’ decision is final.

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