Italian squash cream with yogurt

Spring has arrived. Nature will start blooming and giving its first fruits. To open the mild season, rich of colors and perfumes, we would like to suggest you a light recipe easy to prepare. A cream composed by Italian squash, a vegetable very recommended in these cases because it doesn’t ferment in the bowel and therefore it doesn’t inflate; by fresh yogurt, which brings the necessary calcium to prevent osteoporosis; and by leaves of mint, that are fresh and perfumed. A few caloric recipe, with particularly proper ingredients for those people who have reduced mobility.

Not everybody knows that Italian squash, the principal ingredient of this spring recipe, is a flower and more precisely the “flower of the pumpkin”. Together with cucumber and melon, it belongs to the family of the cucurbits, which are rich of fibers, few caloric and almost totally made up of water. Properties that make them moisturizing, highly digestible and depurative.

Despite “zucchina” (Italian squash) have little calories (only 17 Kcal), it has a high satiating power. Its fibers, contrary to those of other vegetables, are soluble and, in the digestion, they do not give problems of irritation to the colon, in fact, they help the evacuation and calm the bowel.

And it is not all. Italian squashes also contain several minerals, like phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron that, as we have already said, are essential to the proper functioning of our organism, particularly for people who suffer from CMT2A. They are rich of vitamins (A, B, C) and of  luteina, which helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, the digestion and the visual function.

 For all these reasons we warmly recommend you to eat Italian squashes, because of its properties and for the color of its peel: the beautiful green which gives hope to everybody!

zucchine e yogurt eng

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