Last updates on exoskeleton research from Wandercraft


Being able to (re) walk who is confined to a wheelchair due to trauma or neurodegenerative diseases has become one of the objectives of the medical science.

Mitofusin 2 Project is specifically following this field of study, and the innovations resulting from it, not only for the emotional response that walking again might have in patients’ minds, but also for its practical applications in physiotherapy.

Today we can go back to talking about Wandercraft, French and global robotics specialists, whose engineers are working on an exoskeleton which enables paraplegics to remain standing and walk.

The research is going forward and on 24 January Wandercraft began the Walkathon sessions, a series of demonstrations in realistic size, with a MPR doctor and/or physiotherapist, which took place at their headquarters in Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

The objectives are different and in particular consist, for Wandercraft, in simulating a treatment session, improving the definition and the use of the exoskeleton, and gathering any suggestions; for healthcare professionals, in the ability to understand any contribution of an autonomous exoskeleton in the MPR path.

For this reason, Fabrice Cannizzaro, physiotherapist in Paris, was invited to take part in the first session: after a little training provided by the biomechanical Wandercraft team, the physiotherapist could test the real condition of the exoskeleton.

In particular, after the patient’s preparation, installation and standing, Cannizzaro followed the walk, some rounds and the patient’s sitting as if he were in a real complete treatment session ending with a balancing exercise to test the stability of the exoskeleton.

“It ‘was an interesting experience. Being able to run this session has given me a real openness about the technological advancements of this product, even though I still need some more training about the using procedures”.

Even Marine Pietraux, the command control engineer, has been impressed by the session: “After only 30 minutes, the therapist did a great job and this is a reassurance for us that we are close to put our exoskeleton in the hands of professionals”.

We wish Wandercraft all the best and invite you to follow the news and progress of this project through our blog or by connecting directly to their website.

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