MoNaLisa , the high-resolution microscope which will observe mitochondria in a way never seen before

Ilaria Testa

MoNaLisa ( Molecular Nanoscale imaging with Live Sectioning Ability ) is a high-resolution microscope invented by Ilaria Testa, an Italian physics from Genoa who works in Stockholm at ScilifeLab (Science for Life Laboratory).

Just to be clear, ScilifeLab is one of the biggest research laboratories in molecular biology in Europe at the forefront leader in innovation, the life science research, computational biology, bioinformatics, training and services in the biosciences” (source: Wikipedia ). 

Ilaria Testa, who before arriving in Stockholm has worked as a researcher in Germany at the laboratory of Steven Hell (Nobel Prize for Chemistry) gave an interview to the national Italian newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” where she tells how and when did the idea of creating MoNaLisa and what are its future applications.

Monalisa will be used in the field of neurobiology, and specifically in the mitochondria, to which many of mutations possessed by people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases are connected.

“We will observe the dynamics in a way that no one has ever seen before.”

This is for us a great news in the search for CMT2A treatment, a special one we wanted to share with you!

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