Nereo Bresolin and the contemporary neuroscience


Last September 12, Dino Ferrari Center we invited us to take part in the Conference: Nereo Bresolin and the contemporary neuroscience held in the beautiful Napoleonic Hall of the University of Milan in the presence of the Magnificent Rector Prof. Elio Franzini.

It was a meeting full of high-level scientific contributions and touching memories from those who collaborated with Prof. Bresolin in his long career. Many speakers wanted to give back a personal and professional memory of the emeritus Professor, of which they recognized the value of both man and scientist.

Professor Comi (promoter and organizer)opened the Conference. Then the fellow specialists gave, in addition to the memory, a Lectio Magistralis on the research strands of contemporary neuroscience. Finally, the representatives of the associations Professor Bresolin was scientific director and promoter of, including ours on CMT2A, spoke.

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