Not only celiacs fear glutin

Glutin is a binary protein naturally contained within many cereals like barley, rye and spelt. That’s what enables flour (once mixed with water and after a proper treatment) to become bread, because of its flexible properties which act like binding force. So far there are no problems.
Problems arise when glutin enter the digestive tract and meet cells of the immune system (the body’s natural defences) which are there. They mistake it for an outside agent and start trigging attacks against its protein (like they do against bacterium), causing swelling and inflammation.
Nowadays, more and more people are becoming intollerant or just sensible to glutin. According to Prof Calabrese, one of the most famous dietician, this is largely due to yeasts used for the fermentation of the flours in foods as bread, pizza and also pasta.
Being swelling and inflammation very common between people who suffer from reduced mobility, Mitofusin 2 Project recommends to eat other kind of cereals, those well known as “gluten free”, like for instance quinoa, to avoid these problems linked to digestion.
Quinoa is an “almost cereal” with a very high nutrient profile: it has got all the essential amminoacidis and, therefore, an elevated protein value indeed. It does not contain glutin, it is rich of fibers and easy to cook. For these reasons, we have chosen quinoa for our next recipe.

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