Papaya, the sweet fruit who fights illnesses

In these warm days, we would like to suggest you eating something as good as healthy which comes from beautiful Tropical lands: papaya. It is not only a delicious fruit to taste, but it is very healthy too, because it has got strong and beneficial properties.

Some researchers believe papaya is appropriate in preventing and curing several diseases. It contains many vitamins which work like antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin A and betacarotene) stimulating immune response, slowing down the aging of the cells and helping against cancer.


Papaya is a what we call “friend of the heart”, because is an aliment poor in fat and rich in fibers (fiber helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood). For this reason, papaya is useful in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Finally, this tropical fruit contains a great quantities of papeina, a powerful digestive enzyme, so you can eat it at the end of a big meal.

Among several recipes, we have chosen “tropical salade”. Enjoy it!!

Papaya Recipe

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