Pumpkin benefits (A recipe every week)

In this cold autumn, we choose pumpkin as the subject of our first recipe. Rich in water and low in sugar, this vegetable is the perfect food for everybody wants to (or must) have a balanced diet. For this reason, and many others we are going to explain in this article, we think this vegetable should be a key ingredient for the kitchen of all the friends of Mitofusin 2 Project.

Many of the beneficial properties pumpkin has got are given by beta-carotene. Since it helps the bone’s growth, keeps the skin sane and works against visual disturbance, the precursor of A vitamin is a valuable ally for the health of people, particularly for the ones suffering from CMT2A. Acting like an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant as well, it could be considered a sort of “panacea” (cure for all).

Then pumpkin is low in fat, but rich in Omega 3. The good fat known as “friend of the heart” works for increasing anticoagulant activity, controlling blood pressure and checking the presence of bad colesterolo in the veins. It is necessary for the correct circulation of the bloodstream, particularly for people who are forced to stay on a wheel chair by muscle weakness.

So pumpkin is tasty and good for health! Further more, it contains many mineral salts(potassium, calcium, zinc and phosphorus) the body needs for its proper functioning; and proteins too, which means is rich in amminoacids (arginine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid and tryptophan) which are very important for people who suffers from mithocondrial diseases. Finally this vegetable is filled of fibers that help to enhance satiety and stabilise gastro intestinal functions.

We recommend eating pumpkins at least two or three times a week, taking advantage from what nature provides in autumn. So let’s start, our trip through the land of food can begin!


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