Sport is life! Basket in wheelchair: our boys won the silver medal!


“We can be just like everybody else, even in sports!” (cit. Riccardo e Luigi Tozzi)

Sport is life and is for everybody. Competing for something very important relights the flame of your passion and makes you feel really alive. Each of us should find his/her own sport, doing something that likes and fits his/her own personality. We have plenty of options, fortunately, and satisfactions could be too many, from a very young age!


Our boys Riccardo and Luigi Tozzi, partners founders of Mitofusin 2 Project, are proof ot that. Thay have been playing a beautiful competitive team sport, basket in wheelchair, with so much passion for a time, achieving successfull outcomes. Last June 5th, at the end of a beautiful season, together with their team Volpi Rossi Menarini they win the silver medal at the National Championship Under 22.

Look at the photos on the Facebook page of Firenze Basketblog

“There is a kind of surprise in realising that those kind of results were unapproachable not so long ago” Mr President Ivano Nuti said during an interview. The Weelchair is now among the favourites!

Come on guys! We are so proud of you. Your effort, courage and passion have been rewarded by those results! Congratulations to all of you! You are a role models for all the young people facing hard phisical conditios everyday because, as you said, in life “wWe can be just like everybody else, even in sports!”

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