Sport is life! History of Giusy Barraco, swimming champion with CMT


“Hello everyone..I’m Giusy Barraco, I have CMT type 4A and I’m an Italian swimming Champion. Swimming is my life I have had improvements in both psychological and physical aspects. Thanks to prof. VITA my history of sports and life has been published in the international scientific journal Neuromuscular Disordes. Practice sports and never stop!”

With these exciting words Giusy presents her beautiful story, giving us permission to publish.

The study was presented by prof. Vita (University of Messina) in the Conference CMTR Consortium in Venice and has been published in the prestigious scientific journal Neuromuscular Disorders. Talking with him we did understand the importance that these findings may have to improve the lives of patients.

On our website the abstract of the case study, a link for the full text and more info about this beautiful story!

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