Sport is life! The history of Vincenzo Boni, Paralympic Champion with CMT

Vincenzo Boni, campione paralimpico con CMT

“Playing sport is something that rekindles the passionate flame your disability little weakened. Competing for something important makes you feel really alive and forget about everything. The sound of the water is the only thing you can hear and you do not care if you are competing with hands that do not work or feet that do not stomp. Sport at competitive levels is life. Sport is my life, my passion. Sport is all and it is for everybody, whether you suffer from an important pathology or just have a toe hurting”.

Vincenzo Boni, born in 1988, has been suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth  since he was 6. He came close to swimming as rehabilitative therapy when he discovered his disease (which soon forced him on a wheelchair) gaining stunning results not only on the physical plane.

After setting the world record at 100 backstrock, he became champion at the Paralympic Games at Rio 2016, the first of his young life.

At the present, Vincenzo works out two hours a day per week swimming in the pool and three afternoons a week doing pilates at the gym. Currently, he is a sport member of the reknown Caravaggio Sporting Village of Naple, which designed a special project on him together with his coach, an additional trainer when he works out in the gym, a nutrionist and a physiotherapist.

“The Caravaggio Sporting Village is relying a lot on me and their trust is pushing me to go toward great objectives”, he told during an interview with an important national sport magazine.

We are very proud of Vincenzo, not only because he is Italian, but also and above all because we are sharing the same pathology which can be disabling and suffering, but it might be as well an incentive for going further, beyond the barriers, beyond our limits!

Vincenzo is a role model. His history tells us once again how important sport is for the rehabilitative therapy, not only on the physical plane but mostly on the psychological one, as confirmed by the case-study of the Italian champion swimmer Giusy Barraco made by Professor Vita from Messina University.

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