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ATLAS lower limb exoskeleton

Many researchers coming from different areas have focused their attention and their studies over recent years on a new generation of exoskeletons: bionic legs that, although do not replace completely the wheelchair, allow their users to assume the standing position again.Succeeding in making to walk again who is forced on

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The latest Updated Scientific Publications about CMT2A

Here to you a list of interesting and updated studies, for people suffering from CMT2A, carried out in some of the most famous Centers of Research in the world. We have collected them through PubMed  (US National Library of Medicine) the most important database of biomedical literature. Early onset Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy type 2A and severe developmental delay:

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Papaya, the sweet fruit who fights illnesses

In these warm days, we would like to suggest you eating something as good as healthy which comes from beautiful Tropical lands: papaya. It is not only a delicious fruit to taste, but it is very healthy too, because it has got strong and beneficial properties. Some researchers believe papaya is

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Not only celiacs fear glutin

Glutin is a binary protein naturally contained within many cereals like barley, rye and spelt. That’s what enables flour (once mixed with water and after a proper treatment) to become bread, because of its flexible properties which act like binding force. So far there are no problems.Problems arise when glutin

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Italian squash cream with yogurt

Spring has arrived. Nature will start blooming and giving its first fruits. To open the mild season, rich of colors and perfumes, we would like to suggest you a light recipe easy to prepare. A cream composed by Italian squash, a vegetable very recommended in these cases because it doesn’t

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Pumpkin benefits (A recipe every week)

In this cold autumn, we choose pumpkin as the subject of our first recipe. Rich in water and low in sugar, this vegetable is the perfect food for everybody wants to (or must) have a balanced diet. For this reason, and many others we are going to explain in this article, we think this vegetable

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A recipe for CMTers every week

Following the rules of a correct nutrition is an important issue for everybody, but in particular for people suffering from a disease who makes them no longer able to properly move. In this case, the less they move, the less energy from food they need. Obesity is a constant risk they have to face,

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