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charcot-marie-tooth 2A

CMT2A: recent interesting scientific studies published on Pubmed

We would like to bring some scientific studies about CMT2A we recently found on Pubmedto your attention. We divided them by country as we usually do on our website, in the section Resources, where you can find a large literature about Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 2A.  ITALY A scientific study about zebrafish carried out in the Department of Biology of the University of Padua by

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6th International Charcot-Marie Tooth and Related Neuropathy Consortium (CMTR) Meeting

6th International Charcot-Marie Tooth and Related Neuropathy Consortium (CMTR) Meeting

Venice, 8-10 September 2016. We attended the International Scientific Conference on Charcot-Marie Tooth (CMT) disease organized by the Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) with a special contributions from the italian committee : Dr Davide Pareyson (Milan), Prof. Gian Maria Fabrizi (Verona) and Prof. Angelo Schenone (Genoa). It has been the most important scientific conference on CMT (the previous took

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The 197th Laboratory ENMC about Mitofusin 2

A very interesting news has been brought to our own attention by CMT France Association. It concerns the 197th Laboratory ENMC entitled “Neuromuscular disorders of mitochondrial fusion and fission – Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic strategies” which took place in April 2013 in Naarden, Netherlands (the report of which has been recently published). The European Neuromuscular Centre (ENMC) is an international organisation aimed at

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Muscle cramps and CMT

A study conducted by Prof. Michael Shy and other scientists from Usa and Australia on a sample of 110 patients with CMT  showed that many of them suffered  with a weekly frequence and 23% of them had daily muscle cramps. Twenty-two percent reported a significant impact on quality of life. It would be interesting to know what

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Papaya, the sweet fruit who fights illnesses

In these warm days, we would like to suggest you eating something as good as healthy which comes from beautiful Tropical lands: papaya. It is not only a delicious fruit to taste, but it is very healthy too, because it has got strong and beneficial properties. Some researchers believe papaya is

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Not only celiacs fear glutin

Glutin is a binary protein naturally contained within many cereals like barley, rye and spelt. That’s what enables flour (once mixed with water and after a proper treatment) to become bread, because of its flexible properties which act like binding force. So far there are no problems.Problems arise when glutin

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Italian squash cream with yogurt

Spring has arrived. Nature will start blooming and giving its first fruits. To open the mild season, rich of colors and perfumes, we would like to suggest you a light recipe easy to prepare. A cream composed by Italian squash, a vegetable very recommended in these cases because it doesn’t

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