The beneficial properties of the delicious Curried Chicken

“Shredded chicken in a creamed curry is our favourite recipe and we often eat it. All the recipes we share are selected not only for their nutritional properties, but also because they are delicious. We cook all of them in our kitchen” Luisa Perrero, co-founder of Mitofusin 2 Project, says.
Many nutritional properties bound to the ingredients of this dish, which made curried chicken particularly suitable for people who suffer from neuromuscular diseases due to mithocondrial problems, are contained in this recipe coming from India. Lots of them are in the curcuma, which is one of the spices contained inside the curry: the ayurvedic medicine regards curcuma as an excellent antiseptic and a fantastic antioxidant, as an anti-inflammatory for the digestive tract; and, more, uses it to protect the liver and equalizer the levels of cholesterol. The yogurt has lots of them too: it is very important for bringing the calcium we need in order to avoid osteoporosis. In addition, eating chicken meat, so called “white meat”, instead of red meat is very recommended to all the people, in particular to those who suffer from mithocondrial diseases. Finally, the apple and the onion are important for giving the right taste and consistency to the cream, but even more for providing vitamines and antioxidants.
The matching with the rice, which is a cereal particularly suitable for people who have problems with glutin, is very interesting too. We recommend you to use the “basmati” rice, that is very good not only for people who are on diet or have problems with high blood sugar (infact, its glycemic index is very low compared to the one of the white rice), but for all the people because it is very tasty. In addition, basmati rice is more digestibleand, when you eat it, the appetite decreases and the satiety increases thanks to the presence of a particular amid contained in it.


Chicken Curry Recipe Mitofusina

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