The books of Heart for CMTers


Within this space, I want to share with you the emotions and the teachings, the tears and the fun, I have experienced by reading some “special books”. Books which talk about challenges, pain, courage and so much love for others and for life.  Thoughts written by ordinary people, touched by illness and disability, who bravely chose to share their experiences; or edited by important writers, which devoted themselves to these issues; or even books written by mothers, sisters or grandmothers, that have been facing with the most difficult situations staying close to their darlings. In this column, called The books of Heart, I would also like to introduce novels whose protagonists, people affected by different types of disability, find unusual solutions to overcome the difficulties linked to the disease.

I have personally received much of confort and many teachings from these books that touched my heart, I sincerely hope you will too. Feel free to send your reports or just to inform us about books you thinks are worth sharing.


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