The importance of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the diet


A good oil is both a matter of taste and health.

Do you know that one of the substances contained in the EVO, the so-called “oleocantale“, behaves in much the same way as the active substance of certain anti-inflammatory drugs?

Indeed, the oleocantale is a polyphenolic compound which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties close to those of the ibuprofen.

Do not frightened if you feel a slight sensation of spiciness in your throat when you eat EVO, it just means that the oil is very rich in this precious substance present mainly in the oil recently pressed.

It is so important consuming fresh oil and keeping an eye to the expiry date on the bottles, because oil is not like wine and unfortunately does not improve when it gets older, on the contrary, as time goes by, it loses its precious nutrients.

Fresh extra virgin olive oil, indeed, contains not only greater quantities of oleocantale and other polyphenols, but also more good fats and vitamins too.

EVO is not just a dressing, it is a powerful natural medicine as well.

According to Eliana Liotta, an Italian scientific journalist, it is “a balm for the arteries” because it is rich in polyphenols that slow the oxidation of so-called bad cholesterol fighting the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels.

And, at the same time, it is rich in unsaturated fats that “strengthen the cell membrane, so less easily attacked by bacteria and viruses”, becoming valuable ally of the immune system.

If eaten in right quantities (“4 tablespoons a day for a man and 3 for a woman, according to the Italian guidelines for a healthy diet”, says Liotta) is a cure-all for our health.

It can be consumed cold, in order to maintain all its fundamental properties, or warm, without however making it stay too much on the stove, because the heat could degrade unsaturated fats and deface the oleocantal”.

If, however, we need to slowly stew or cook on a full flame, Liotta recommends mixing oil with water, wine or broth so the temperature goes down: since the water does not allow the exceeding of 100 degrees (that is the moment of boiling) in the pot, the oil will not reach its point of smoke, which is, indeed, well beyond the 100 degrees.

We recommend all our patients with CMT2A, in particular to those abroad, to learn more about virtues of extra virgin olive oil (so called because it is extracted mechanically, unrefined or mixed with other oils) which in Italy, as in Spain and Greece, we know very well.

We hope we were helpful. Don’t hesitate to write us for any clarification!

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