The scientific importance of Mitofusin is growing

The scientific relevance of Mitofusin is now growing. In 2013, studies involving this protein were about 200; if you try typing the word Mitofusin on Pubmed search (as shown below) today, the list gets far more considerable: 519 studies carried out all over the world!


Mitofusin  turns out to be a very important protein whose functions are studied for many reasons.  In China and Korea, for instance, studies on this protein are particularly focused on its connection with diabet and obesity as well as on its consequences for heart and liver.  In the Western world, however, Mitofusin is indagated mostly for its relationship with neuropathy (CMT2A): you can find a complete list of studies on this subjet, categorized by nation, on our website:

No matter the reason Mitofusin is studied for, today it results in being one of the proteins mostly indagated in Science and this is very good for all of us  Have a look on our list and let us know if you have found more interesting studies!

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