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Le nostre storie di CMT2A

In recent years we have collected more than one hundred testimonies, from over thirty countries around the world, of people living with CMT2A .

They are stories of children and parents, adults and the elderly, entire families or single individuals; written by housewives, students, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers and retirees … with a thousand faces of a reality made of courage and determination in facing life and illness.

Many people have written us, but only few of them have chosen to publish their testimony.

This is a space created to welcome your stories, a container where anyone can, if they want, share their own experience of life and illness to feel, and make others feel less “rare”.

We created it because we think it is important to let others know, and not just those who like us live with this pathology, that we are here and that we want to find a cure, so that our optimism and our hope never stop being nourished by the solidarity of others.

Your stories are preciuos, write us! 

Read our stories at https://www.progettomitofusina2.com/en/our-stories/

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